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Question and Answer with K.M. Lapointe:

1. What inspired Awakening Arorus?

I think my love of reading has a lot to do with it. I get into a book and it’s a relaxing escape from the everyday. I remember sitting in class in grade 10, asked what I wanted to be and just blurting out “I want to write books.” I’ve always wanted to write an adventure that hopefully one day, I could share with all the other readers out there.

2. What part of the book are you most proud of?

I have to say, the humorous parts. It’s a fairly serious fantasy book, so the little bits of humor bring something extra to the story, because realistically there’s got to be humor somewhere, it’s just a part of life and I wanted to makes the readers think “what’s going to happen next?”

3. What was the hardest part about writing this book?

For me the hardest part wasn’t so much about writing it, I found it quite enjoyable and it seemed to come together naturally. The most difficult part about it would be trying to get published, even to find an agent that would represent me was near impossible.  And then you have the self-doubt when it seems that no one wants to take a chance on you, especially if you’re brand new to this industry. I was very lucky that I had so many people to support me and push me to keep going even when I was so unbelievably frustrated that I just wanted to walk away from something I wanted so much. Thankfully, persistence paid off and here we are!

4. What do you hope readers will take away from your book/series?

One word, enjoyment. I want the readers to get caught up in the world of Arorus. If my book makes people smile, that, right there, is what I wanted. Then I know my job as a writer, is done.