About the Book

“She raced down a long stone corridor and opened a large door. Racing down narrow spiral steps, the heat of fire bearing down on her and making her breathing ragged. She opened another door and blackness consumed all light, the overwhelming sensation of falling and then nothing… She sighed as images from her dream continued to flash through her mind. It had been a strange dream, but she had it before. Of this, she was sure…”

Take a seemingly ordinary girl, throw in a set of magical stones, add a dashing prince, sprinkle in a dragon, and you have yourself a recipe for an adventure of a lifetime. Neko Norston cannot believe the mess she has gotten herself into the day she finds a strange glowing stone in her mother’s jewellery box. She is suddenly spirited away to a strange medieval world where she must face staggering odds just to get back home. Now armed with only her modern-day upbringing, she has to survive in this realm of powerful magic. On her journey, she must find the courage to save Arorus and face a dangerous enemy to awaken her true self.